Saturday - 9am Squad

Teams are listed in order by center

Please contact Frankie McDaniel at Buffaloe Lanes North (919-876-5681) with any changes and/or questions.

League Team Name Center
Strikers Fall That's More Better South
Sunday Mixed The Nut House South
Senior Fellowship One-Eye Jacks South
Sunday Mixed Make It Happen South
Sunday Mixed Lean On Me South
Tuesday Doubles I Don't Care South
Handicappers Mixed Les Miserabowls North
Handicappers Mixed Team 6 North
No Brainers Spare Parts North
No Brainers Lucky Five North
Handicappers Mixed 10 North
Handicappers Mixed Hitters North
Senior Class Senior Class Flunkies North
Handicappers Mixed Cruizers North
Senior Trio Rolling Thunder North
Handicappers Mixed 16 Retired North
Senior Trio JJ&G/#21 North
Adult Sport Can't Carry Anything North
Sleepytime Gals Sassy Strikers North
Coffee League The Morgans North
Pin Point Fall Bowl Movement Cary
Triangle Mixed Breaking Bad Cary
Waiting 4 the Weekend Showtime Cary
Messler's Southern Comfort We R EZ Cary
Pin Point Winter 12 Bagger Cary
Silver Strikers Fall Bowling Stones Erwin
Prime Time Mixed Fall It is What it Is Erwin
Moonlight Mixed Fall In it 2 Win It Erwin
One Accord Fall Pin Busters Erwin
Carolina Keglers Fall Team #1 Erwin
Scratch Trios Shots Erwin
Sunday Night Mix They All Fall Mebane

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