Buffaloe Lanes Youth Awards Program

Winning Isn't Everything...Getting Cool Stuff Is!

At Buffaloe Lanes we want every kid to have FUN and bowl well, while at the same time being able to take home some swag for knocking down pins. With that in mind our creative staff has developed an awards program just for our youth league bowlers where kids can earn awards and "Buffaloe Bucks" to purchase their Buffaloe Lanes swag from the new "Buffaloe Lanes Youth Awards Store". 

How It Works...

Youth bowlers participating in a certified youth league at any of the Buffaloe Lanes centers will have an opportunity to earn "Buffaloe Bucks" which they can use to purchase items from the Buffaloe Lanes Youth Store. The registration fee to join a youth league is $30 and is broken down as follows: 

  • $ 4 - USBC Certification
  • $10 - Scholarship fund
  • $ 8 - T-shirt
  • $ 8 - Buffaloe Lanes Awards Program

For those youth bowlers that may bowl multiple leagues, they must pay the $8 awards program & $10 scholarship fund fees in each of the additional leagues in order to be eligible for awards and scholarship in each of their leagues. All scholarship funds will be distributed within the league and season of which they are collected. These funds will be used for scholarships and other prizes or awards specifically for the league in which they are collected. For more details or information, please contact the Buffaloe Lanes Center closest to you.

Scholarship Opportunities...

Youth bowlers can earn scholarship money from their league, tournaments and also by applying for several other localstateregional and national scholarships assoicated with bowling. Several of our youth bowlers have earned full and partial scholarships to attend college and participate on a bowling team at the collegiate level. Bowlers as young as 3 years old can earn scholarship money that will be deposited into a USBC SMART account and be there they graduate high school and head off to college.

Buffaloe Youth Championship Tournament - $4,000 in Scholarships

One opportunity to earn scholarship money is by participating in the annual Buffaloe Lanes Youth Championship Tournament. This tournament is held every October and has a scholarship prize fund of $4,000 up for grabs. The tournament is a way to reward youth bowlers that bowled at a Buffaloe Lanes Center in the previous season and who are currently enrolled in the current season. With 4 divisions based on the previous season's average, those bowlers that practiced over the summer have a chance to show everyone how much they improved, while trying to capture the top 2 spots in each division. Click here to see the 2015 Buffaloe Lanes Youth Championship Winners!

It's About Fun, Friends and Better Bowling...

Winning scholarship money and getting cool things are just a few benefits of youth bowling at Buffaloe Lanes. It's really all about making new friends and learning how to knock down more pins. Bowling is a life-long sport that everyone can enjoy, so starting at a young age will help keep kids fit, help them feel a part of a team, improve their social skills and will just give them a chance to have fun with kids their age. We look forward to seeing you and your family soon! Want some more information, just click here and we will gladly answer your questions and help you get your kid(s) involved in the Buffaloe Lanes Youth Program.