Bowling Tournaments & Results

2016 Lemon Lime Tournament

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"Unofficial" Final Standings
Final "Official" Prize List
Updated        8/25/2016 9:48:58 AM

5 Game Handicap Sweeper
1st Place Guaranteed $500

Next Tournament - March 20th, 2017

February 20th, 2017 - Results

October 17th, 2016 - Handicap Results - Scratch Results


3rd Annual Caldwell Cup Team Challenge

- Finals Bracket

- Seeding Results

Draft Results

We Hope To See You Next Year.  Thank You To Everyone That Participated.
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Earnhardt A.T.V. Racing Open Tournament
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The Earnhardts donated over $5,000 in support of this great tournament.  They will be sponsoring another tournament this Fall at Buffaloe Lanes Erwin.  Check out their website and be sure post a big Thank You on their Facebook page and show your support for the Earnhardt Racing Team.  Thank you to everyone that came out and either, bowled or watched the awesome action.  We look forward to many great tournaments in the future.  See you soon.


Stepladder Finals

1st - Matt Taylor
2nd - Chris Johnson
3rd - James Grago
4th - Brian Dennis
5th - Kim Weiss


Top Qualifiers Bracket
Top 20 Bracket
(Match Winners Advanced to Monday Night) Qualifying Rounds Standings

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Christmas Benefit 9 Pin No-Tap Tournament

 December 7th, 2015 - Official Results

7th Annual Golf-Bowl Tournament - October 24th, 2015
    Top Five   -   Golf Awards   -   Bowling Awards



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"King Or Queen"
Of The Hill

King or Queen of the Hill will return when Fall Leagues begin.  See you then.


Fifth Month

Your Current Queen
Vickie Boyette


Buffaloe Lanes Sponsored Tournaments

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