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Building Positive Human Relations

Bowling is an ideal group and corporate activity to bring managers, staff and front-line employees together in a casual social setting. Shared recreation time creates excitement, encourages teamwork, and increases positive communication that carries over into the workplace. Bowling gives co-workers an opportunity to socialize with management, fellow employees and friends outside the workplace.

Additional Potential Benefits Are:

  • Improved morale and espirit de corps
  • Greater company loyalty
  • Increased productivity
  • Better communication
  • Decreased absenteeism

*Reservations are required in advance. Please contact us to schedule your next office party (919)779-1888

Plan An Event

Buffaloe Lanes offer "company party" options designed specifically to meet your group's needs. Please contact our Center Manager to discuss the many ways we can help you plan an exciting and memorable company activity.

Planning an event with your Church's Youth Group or a Scout Troop? Overnight lock-ins are great for large groups looking to have privacy and have fun with no restraints. Don't hesitate any longer and call to make your reservation.

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